Holocaust Exposed

Jewish Holohoax Documentary

Why should we believe without question or documented evidence the "facts" presented about the so-called "Holocaust" when there have been so many obvious lies purported to be "history", especially in the post-war media? Why do people in Germany actually go to prison for merely questioning certain aspects of the "Holocaust"? Why is it that all of the claims concerning this one event of history must be believed and can never be questioned, no matter how ludicrous they actually may be?

And especially when no real physical evidence to support many of those claims has ever been found? Is the "Holocaust" a historic event, or a state-controlled religion? Blaming the German people falsely for the murder of 6 million people, and extorting them for decades based on those claims is a "hate crime"! Many thinking men and women have seen through many of the phony holocaust tales that have been foisted upon us by the media. Here we present just a few. 1 hour 17 minutes.

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